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How Content Marketing Helps Small Businesses Grow

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In order to understand the importance of content marketing for your small business, it is important to understand what it means. 


Content and SEO marketing mean creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and existing customers into repeat buyers.


So, what is content?


Content is any original information your business shares online, including website pages, blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media sites.

80% of consumers prefer a series of articles versus an advertisement, and 70% of consumers agree that content marketing makes them feel closer to a product or business.

Original, engaging, and informative content provides resources and information to your clients and prospective clients, amplifying your brand and increasing engagement.

There are many benefits to small businesses to creating relevant, informative and engaging online content, including:

Build Trust: Creating and publishing relevant quality content instills trust with your consumers. The greater the amount of informative, quality content that you distribute, the more your small business appears an expert to existing and potential customers. Consumers are always ready to hire experts to solve their problems.

Attract New Business: Even if your small business has a website, it is only as effective as the number of consumers who can find you online, and who stay on your site once they find you. Well-written, informative content on your website (including blogs) improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and user interest in your site. SEO rules of engagement are constantly changing, as search engines get smarter to weed out spam content and consumers demand more informative and useful results from online searches. Duplicative, irrelevant, and/or poorly written content reduces the chances search engines will prioritize your site.

Improve Analytics: Content marketing isn’t a one-time process. It requires constant evaluation and adjustment. Because of all the accessible metrics it is possible to quickly hone in on what content is working and what is not. By consistently reviewing analytics and adjusting your strategy over time, your small business online marketing strategy can become a smooth well-oiled operation, highly efficient at gathering leads and converting them to customers.

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Generate Leads and Decrease Competition:  Business growth is the number one priority for doing any sort of marketing. Content marketing allows you to attract people who may not have even decided to buy yet. When consumers discover your business through useful and engaging content, they become interested, When users arrive at your website and can learn more about your company and your product, they are more likely to convert to customers. A huge benefit of this stage of the marketing process is differentiating your business from competitors and reducing competition.

Attract Local Business: 97% of consumers use popular search engines to perform a local search for goods and services before making a purchase. Relevant content in blogs and website pages are the key indicator for search engines, and 80% of consumers performed online product research before deciding on making a purchase. No matter how great your product and services are, it doesn't matter if prospective clients can't find you online, even locally. 

Improve ROI: Because it costs 62% less than traditional advertising while being 3 times more effective in generating leads, content marketing has effectively leveled the playing field as far as business is concerned. A well thought-out content marketing campaign allows a small business to effectively compete with a much bigger one.

Morgan Marketing Solutions - Expertise and Affordability

We are a full-service agency that can meet any of your marketing needs. We work exclusively with small-to-mid-sized businesses, and we understand the unique needs small businesses face. We can provide you with all, some, or one of our services, and we take the time to understand you, your business, your goals, and your overall needs. We don't recommend services that you don't need, and we can scale with your business as you grow.  

We function like an in-house marketing department, at a fraction of the cost! Get to know us better with an introductory call or visit - we'd love to hear from you! 

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